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1. Ensure people never have to worry about finding someone reliable to take care of their problems. Just go to our website and order services.  
2. Give anyone who makes a commitment to being reliable a successful business. Our technology packages your services up like products and makes the available for order.

My name is Jason VanZant and I'm the CEO of Hometown Workforce. What we have created is the world’s first marketplace for physical services. Imagine a website where for the first time in human history you can order basic services. Things like house cleaning, carpet cleaning, ceiling fan replacement, or leaky toilet repair. All the small things that are almost impossible to get done, you can order off this website with the push of a button.

The reason it's so hard to get these little jobs done is because most successful businesses have too much overhead to worry about them. The thing is, regular people often have the skills to do this basic work, they just have no idea how to turn those skills into a successful business.

That's exactly what Hometown Workforce does. It turns the skill set of regular people into successful businesses by making their services available for order.

Here’s how you order a service: Each service is pre-priced so you secure the funds in escrow before leaving the site. This helps mitigate price gouging scams and it contractually obligates the person to show up. Each service is also pre-timed, so you simply find an opening and schedule the service directly on the person's work calendar. This locks in a start time that both parties agree on.

Here’s how our tech turns your skills into a successful business: Since we manage your finances, provide you with jobs and schedule those jobs, all you have to do is monitor your work calendar and it’ll tell you where to go, what to do, and when to be there. Your only responsibility is to show up on time and do a good job. And in exchange for this commitment, you can have a successful business that pays as much as the market will allow.

You also have complete control of your schedule so your family doesn't have to take a backseat to your career. Never again worry about missing a little league game or dance recital.

Another problem with the service industry is that there is no accountability, contractors do what they want when they want. But since their jobs, schedule, and money flows through us our tech holds them accountable. Plus we do background checks! So you’ll never have to worry about the person coming to your house. ‌