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Our Mission

Hometown Workforce is a little tech startup based out of Biloxi, Mississippi and we have set out to solve a problem that is near and dear to our hearts. That's to make hiring a contractor and getting work done as easy as ordering a pizza.

Our Story

Hi, I’m Jason VanZant, the CEO and creator of Hometown Workforce. I envision a world where getting work done around your home, office or apartment will be as easy as pushing a button. For example; a consumer will visit our website to place an order for having their lawn mowed, much like buying a product online. They will know immediately how much the job will cost, how long it will take and even be able to set a start date and time that fits their busy schedule.

You might ask…how did you develop this revolutionary website? By yourself?

The answer is definitely not by myself. We have an extremely talented web design team behind the scenes. For almost two years, we have worked night and day to develop this On-Demand Home Services platform. While my background is actually in the construction industry. None of this would be possible without Fatih Yener, our CTO, a tech guru and computer prodigy with dreams of bringing something truly game-changing technology to the marketplace. He convinced me this ridiculous website was possible and that he could spearhead its development.

Last, but not least is Ali Degermenci, our finest engineer and 3rd founding shareholder. His programming involvement and expertise has been invaluable, as well as his commitment to the project. Together, we have made “On-Demand Home Services” a real thing!