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The Technology Behind Hometown Workforce

Our mission is to make getting work done as easy as ordering a pizza. To provide a git-it-done button for all your essential home repair and maintenance needs. Just push a button and the contractor you need comes running. This features page was created to shine a spotlight on the technology we developed to make those buttons work.

But to understand the software behind our git-it-done buttons, first you need to understand what Hometown Workforce is. Basically, we are a network of small construction companies that make our services available for order through an eCommerce-style website. Our visitors browse service listings created by local contractors, then book the ones they need. The Wfskills platform is designed to accommodate single task jobs, jobs that cost under $4000 and take less than 12 hours to complete. Jobs that can be accurately priced ahead of time. For example carpet cleaning 'per room' or lawn care by 'yard size'. After a service is booked the money is held in escrow until the job is approved by the client. At which point the funds are released to the contractor. Our software virtually guarantees everyone does what they say, when they say, for the price they say.

The Three Divisions Of Hometown Workforce

Hometown Workforce is essentially 3 separate companies combined to make our git-it-done buttons work.

The first company is a trade school designed to turn student contractors into business owners.

The second is a construction company designed to ensure all the work gets done.

The third is our core software suite and the reason for this features page.

Advanced Booking and Scheduling Software

At the heart of this software suite is a very advanced scheduling and booking program. A multi-node solution that allows us to coordinate thousands of individual jobs per day, in cities all over the country without the need of a project manager.

The First Home Services Marketplace

But that alone is not enough to create an on-demand Services Marketplace. To truly have an online marketplace where contractors could create listings and consumers to book them. We had to develop our public face, an eCommerce-style website that people could use to browse service prices and openings.

Flexible Tools to Buy and Sell Services

Listing Creation-So let's start with this unique eCommerce website. It consists of three pieces of software intricately woven together.

Listing creation

This flexible tool gives contractors the ability to create service listings specific to their trade. Anything from mosquito extermination to ceiling fan replacement. Basically, any simple job that can be accurately priced has a spot on our platform. In fact, we have over 120 of these service categories available as a career option with you as the boss.

Listing marketplace

Our website, the public face of our company. Where consumers go to browse local service listings, get a feel for the contractors. Check out the price of each service, how long the job is estimated to take or the dates and times the contractor has available to work. Each listing is broken down into 3 service variations, that way you can pick the specific contract that matches your project demands.

Scheduling and booking

This is the heart of our company. It allows us to coordinate thousands of individual projects simultaneously. Once a service listing is booked this system takes over and prepares it for the next layer of completion.

Next is our second layer of custom software. The layer that holds everything together. That's done by giving our users the tools they need to self-manage their projects.

Consumer project management

This is where the consumer manages their Work In Progress. Work In Progress events are services that have been booked and approved by both parties. This is where the project can be canceled or updated, it’s also where funds are released upon approval of the work.

Contractor project management

This is where the contractor updates their work status to the consumer. When they arrive to begin and when they leave to request funds. All work is timed and recorded through our project management software.

Business calendar

Every contractor has a business calendar. This is where newly booked projects arrive to be approved and then moved to Work In Progress status. 12 hours of work 7 days a week can be accurately scheduled here. Contractors can choose what times they want to work and what jobs they want to do.

Payment Processing and Escrow

Our third and most important layer is designed to ensure secure end-to-end transactions for both the consumer and contractor.

Scheduling and billing

When a listing is booked then that listings check-out process goes through Braintree, a PayPal company. We do not host any financial information on site.

Escrow payment

The funds are then held in escrow until the job is completed to the client’s specification. At which point the funds are released to the contractor. In the unlikely event of a dispute, we will send in a team to arbitrate on the complaint’s behalf.

Payment security

We use the latest API technology to ensure every payment is safe and secure from the time it leaves the consumer’s account to the time it ends up in the contractor’s account.

Communication, Reviews and Gamification

Beyond the security layer is our four-layer, the feedback and communication layer. It consists of 3 additional pieces of custom software. All designed to improve the quality of consumer and contractor interactions.

Messaging and notifications

Communication is critical, that's why we have implemented a full-featured messenger where it's easy to exchange pictures of building materials or work requirements. We also have live notifications so you can stay up to date with every project status change.

Contractor reviews

Reviews are critical to ensuring contractor accountability. Reviews are often considered the single most important tool consumers have at their disposal when it comes to motivating a service provider to do good work. Because just like products with bad reviews don't get bought, services with bad reviews don't get booked. Each job is rated 1-100 on Communication, Timeliness, Manners, Expertise and Clean Up.

Level Up with Achievements

Our training programs are designed to gamify the process of becoming a successful business owner. Just like a game, you accept real-life quests based on your current level. These quests range from learning new trade skills, acquiring licenses, certifications to participating in local philanthropy and attending mindset training seminars. Hundreds of achievements to show the community you are serious about success and it’s all tracked in real-time on your Public Profile.