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Our mission is to make hiring a contractor as easy as pushing a button. Hometown Workforce is three companies (construction, trade school, and website marketplace) combined to make that button a reality. Our goal in doing this is to support communities all over the world by creating new businesses and helping existing businesses succeed

Imagine if it were virtually impossible to take advantage of someone concerning a service provided. That goes both ways. Consumers who refuse to pay, as well as contractors that do not honor their word. Our website will eradicate that problem once and for all. We will help contractors grow their business to levels they only dreamed. Unskilled individuals will become assets to their community by developing careers as skilled workers. Just think of the long-term benefits for struggling communities.

We believe that Hometown Workforce will be so secure and easy to use, consumers will tell potential contractors, “The only way I will book your service is if you list it on the Wfskills marketplace.”

Each city has its own semi-autonomous Workforce contracting division as well as completely autonomous service providers who only use our platform to promote their listings. Approximately 80% of the revenue generated by these service providers remains with them and goes directly back into building their community.

All of us know the headache in trying to get service providers to do what they say, when they say for how much they say. We’ve developed an internet marketplace that holds everyone accountable. With the click of a button, you’ll have an expert at your door and the project will be coordinated before it ever begins.

Our review system holds all contractors accountable for their service. Poor reviews equal no more work. In addition, the open market nature of our platform encourages friendly competition in an effort to provide our customers with the best possible prices and services from multiple service providers.

Just as the service provider is reviewed, we use a similar system designed specifically for contractors to review their experience with each client. These client reviews are not publicly visible but are circulated internally to alert the next provider of a consumer's behavior.

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We are the first platform to accurately address all three fundamental problems with traditional contractor acquisition. Each listing explains WHAT you're going to get, WHEN you're going to receive it, and HOW MUCH it's going to cost BEFORE the project begins.

We call it WHAT, WHEN, HOW MUCH methodology

WHAT is covered by specific service listings you choose to book.

WHEN is managed by our advanced scheduling software.

HOW MUCH is known ahead of time based on the contract package.

Knowing these three things before you book your project essentially eliminates any possibility of a scam or costly delays by removing confusion concerning the price of work to be performed.

Our core business model revolves around very specific listings. So to accurately price a service you have to determine what you need. For example you have burnt out ceiling fans. Do you want to remove it permanently, replace it with a new one or if it's a $12,000 industrial fan you probably want to try to repair it. There may be 100 listings from a dozen contractors involving ceiling fans. It's up to you to choose the one that best matches your project demands. And if you're unsure about what listing to choose, our customer support specialists are always here to help.

Payment is held in escrow until the project is completed to the client's specifications. Funds are released after the customer is satisfied. Furthermore, reviews are extremely powerful in keeping contractors on track.

The open market nature of our platform is much like Amazon, in that multiple contractors are offering the same service. It is up to you to choose the service provider that has favorable reviews, availability and prices. For example, a novice carpenter may not have as many reviews but their price is lower and they are available the next day, as opposed to a seasoned professional with an established reputation who is booked for the week.

We have a zero-tolerance policy for scams. In the event that a scam is reported, our internal investigation team will review the case. The contractor’s account will be immediately suspended if proven guilty.

Yes. We are planning our national launch January 1st, 2022. If you would like to see Hometown Workforce in your community, please fill out the MY CITY FORM.

We will have custom work requests implemented by October 31st, 2021. You will fill out a detailed form about your project which will then be submitted to our project management team. After the workup is complete our qualified service providers will bid on your project and you will be notified.

Our goal is to scale into every service sector that can be accurately priced. This includes everything from new home construction to personal trainers.

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We have laid the foundation for independent contractors to thrive and succeed by providing them with resources normally reserved for large corporations.

We offer packages available to automate virtually every part of your business. Everything from customer support, staffing services, bookkeeping, project management, payroll to tax preparation. Essentially, we help your company grow into what you’ve always hoped and dreamed it could be.


2. You must be certified and licensed under your city’s guidelines, if required.

1. Grow your company with our totally free marketing solutions.

2. Never worry about getting paid.

3. Work as much or as little as you like.

4. Create a listing for virtually any service that can be billed by the hour.

5. Charge whatever price you like for your services.

6. The sky's the limit to what you can make.

7. A dedicated calendar will maximize your time by keeping all jobs accurately scheduled.

8. Gain access to skilled workers through our trade school.

9. Access to an account manager will take care of your bookkeeping and tax hassles.

10. Gain access to wholesale tools and supplies.

Great! We will help your company grow to the next level.

1. List your services on our marketplace for free. The only requirement for success is doing professional work at a competitive price. As well as being certified and licensed, if required by your city.

2. We have a pool of students eager to help if your work is related to their desired career path.

3. As with service provider reviews, there are also internal consumer reviews available only to contractors. You have the option to decline any client’s booking that has poor reviews.

Most jobs require more than one person, therefore we do not have special rules regulating who performs the work, as long as it is understood that your public profile will get reviews by your clients. You are accountable for your work. If you trust your employees and subcontractors and are willing to put your reputation on the line for them; we trust them to serve our customers.

After you choose a service category and become approved, you may then promote any variation of the service at any price. For Example: If you're a ceiling fan specialist, then you can have a dozen listings which cover everything from replacing small home fans to installing large industrial fans (search Big Ass Fans) which require scissor lifts and a team of employees.

We do not limit our service providers to any specific industry. Therefore, list as many services as you are skilled enough to perform professionally. You could be a landscaper most of the year and a carpenter in the off-season.

Our platform's project management calendar is designed to accommodate a 12-hour, 7-day work week, from 7 AM to 7 PM. With the client's permission, you can work as long as you want after 8 PM, as long as you understand that our scheduling software does not support bookings beyond that time.

It depends on what level of autonomy you prefer. You can operate virtually independent of the local Workforce contracting division, however you are responsible for all administrative paperwork. Or, you can become a subcontractor with perks and benefits. In exchange, you lose a bit of flexibility over the jobs you do. Either way, the money making potential is up to your level of commitment.

How much you make is entirely up to your level of ambition. If your service is excellent and in-demand then the sky's the limit. You may charge whatever a client is willing to pay. Work as much or as little as you want.

We take a flat 12.5% from each completed project. Additional packages are available to those who don't want the headache of managing a small business. It's free to join and to list your services on Wfskills marketplace.

We offer advertising options that will help you in promoting your business.

We fill that gap with our Cardinal trainees. Each student learns on-site by being trainees for contractors. After students receive their LLC, a new batch of students will take their place.

We do not limit what service providers list on the Wfskills marketplace. If it is legal and can be billed by the hour, we will accommodate you on our platform. Contact one of our career developers to find out if your service qualifies.

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1. Easy enrollment.

2. Start making money the first day.

3. Choose from 1 of 14 exciting professions.

4. Get certified in your desired profession.

5. Apprenticeship programs are available.

6. Easily move between professions to diversify your skill set.

7. Become an expert in over 200 trade skills.

8. Receive a clear roadmap to your dream career.

9. Unlimited money making potential doing what you love.

10. We can accommodate virtually any hands-on skill you can imagine.

11. Make money selling those new skills on our marketplace.

12. Start a company with like-minded students.

13. Take advantage of incredible tax benefits with a registered LLC.

14. Learn from master instructors

15. Receive access to world-class mindset training.

You will be an employee of Hometown Workforce until you create your own service listings. Each week you will receive a check from the Workforce payroll department. After you develop your own listings, you will be paid as a 1099 subcontractor.

As a student, you will learn virtually any hands-on skill you desire. 90% of your training is done on the job. Our core strategy is to fast-track you into the career of your dream. The amount of money you make is based on your level of ambition and the trade skills you choose to offer the community.

Then you are in luck. For an additional 10% service fee, a dedicated account manager will take care of everything, including the hassle of taxes and administration. We will even help match you with student workers specific to your field. It's the ultimate motivation to start your own business.

A major part of the Workforce umbrella is giving our service providers access to benefits generally reserved for employees of larger companies.

1. Affordable bookkeeping and tax services.

2. Affordable family health, life, dental, and vision care.

3. Affordable insurance and bonding plans.

4. Retirement accounts with access to our stock options pool.

5. Wholesale access to tools and supplies.

6. After graduating, work as much or as little as you prefer.

7. Unrivaled educational opportunities.

We encourage all our students to strive for an LLC or sole proprietor. The tax advantages alone are worth the commitment. However, if you're still interested in being part of something big, we welcome you aboard. Who knows? You may change your mind and decide to turn your training into a career.

If you're hands on then Cardinal Training is designed specifically for you. Learn virtually any trade skill you want in as short a time as possible with exclusive on-site training. No other training center has direct access to the vast array of industry-specific work that we offer. Imagine the training potential to your instructor creating listings specific to the skills you need to develop.

Hometown Workforce is here to help you every step of the way. If you're serious about a career and committed to bringing value to yourself and your community; we are here for you.

Each student is paid minimum wage until they learn a skill to list on the marketplace. Most students will be able to create their own listings in the first month. Ambitious students that are mechanically inclined can start creating custom listings the second week. Of course, there are restrictions that apply until you receive your LLC and graduate from the program.

What makes Hometown Workforce truly remarkable is that we pay you to be a student! Consequently, you will be paid minimum wage while you work on your career goals. The school is connected to the Wfskills marketplace, therefore your training facilitates jobs that are placed there.

Definitely. Every student will receive world class motivational training. This is the same exact training that led our founders to the creation of Hometown Workforce. Mindset training is the true secret of lasting success and happiness!