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Our mission is to turn people's passion into a successful business while providing consumers with reliable on-demand access to home services.

Imagine if you could order home services as easy as you order products off Amazon. Simply select a service and like magic, the contractor arrives when you schedule to take care of the problem. In addition, our technology automatically ensures the contractors’ business is successful. All they have to do is show up on time and do a good job, we handle the rest.

Hometown Workforce is the world's first home services marketplace and our technology does two things that have never been done before. First, we offer consumers true on-demand access to service, meaning you go to our site, pick a service, prepay for it, schedule it and after the work is complete release the funds. Little to no additional communication with the contractor is required. Second, our technology can run a contractor's entire business with near zero human oversight. We provide them jobs, manage their schedule and ensure they get paid. By offering contractors these management features we have the leverage to hold them accountable. Because if they are unreliable or try to scam anyone they lose access to the platform.

Contractors create a series of service listings on our marketplace. Each listing defines the price and the time for a specific service. Since the price is predefined, the consumer can deposit the funds into escrow where they remain until the job is completed and approved. Since the time is predefined the consumer can pick an opening and schedule the job directly on the contractor's work calendar. Contractors can create as many listings as necessary to accurately define the price and time for every variation of their services.

On-demand access to services requires an answer to four questions before the work begins. Exactly what needs to be done, how much it's going to cost, how long it's going to take, and when it’s going to take place. The only way to answer those four questions is with a marketplace-style website where contractors can create as many service listings as necessary to accurately define the price and time of every variation of their work. Take ceiling fan replacement for example, the contractor may need to create three separate listings to accommodate all ceiling fan sizes, under 60” in diameter, 60” to 120”, 120” to 180”. Then those listings must be broken down into a number of sub-variations, each sub-variation defining a different ceiling height, under 8’, 8’ to 12’, 12’ to 16’ and then comes the most important part. Every sub-variation would have a different price and time. On-demand access to services must be broken down this way because each of those sub-variations potentially requires a different about of time and money to complete. Pressure washing requires 12 service listings to cover all possible variations and furniture assembly could be over 50. A single ZIP code could easily have over 1000 service listings from dozens of contractors.

By having each service pre-priced, the consumer deposits funds for the service into escrow where they remain until the work is complete. This takes complicated price negotiations out of the equation and allows our technology to automatically process payments. Next, by having each service pre-timed the consumer can find an opening and book services directly on the contractor's work calendar. This automatically manages every hour of the contractor's schedule. In addition, we have a staff dedicated to ensuring our contractors have the resources they need to successfully operate a business.

By pre-pricing each service, we eliminate the possibility of price gouging. We also simplify the negotiation process which removes awkward conversations regarding the price. Most importantly, the escrow system ensures both parties are held accountable. Both the consumers and the contractor will be protected from scams.

By pre-timing, each service the consumer can schedule jobs directly on the contractor's work calendar. This automatically manages every hour of the contractor's schedule as well as automatically providing them with jobs.

There is a difference between general construction and home services. General construction is a $1.6 trillion industry comprised of remodels, renovations and new builds. Those types of projects can not be accurately pre-priced and pre-timed. Home services is a separate $657 billion dollar industry comprised of single-task jobs like ceiling fan replacement and gutter cleaning. Nearly all of those can be accurately pre-priced and pre-timed.

Small jobs are the hardest to get done because small contractors are notoriously unreliable. If they were reliable they would be big contractors and big contractors have too much overhead to do small jobs affordably. It's a tragic catch-22 at the heart of the home service reliability problem. According to, 70% of homeowners have had a bad experience with a contractor and almost everyone has at least one small job they would like to get done. Do you have anything you would like to get done at the push of a button?

Our solution is to find people who are already doing the work for $25 an hour and make them the business owner. Then run their business and let them keep 80% of every dollar earned. Or we will train people who are interested in doing the work and then make them the business owner.

Worker shortage and scams. A lot of people will work if they have a business doing what they enjoy and are making $80+ an hour doing it. A lot of scams will be eliminated if these people's businesses are the leverage used to eliminate them.

Each contractor is vetted through our training program. The vetting process requires each student demonstrate their ability before creating a service listing. Furthermore, every accomplishment a contractor makes is recognized as an Achievement that can be seen on the contractor's public profile. In addition, we have a review system designed specifically for home services. Reviews are the ultimate tool for enforcing compliance. If a contractor receives poor reviews, no one will order their services and we will take action to rectify the situation. Most importantly, every person doing the work is a business owner. It’s their reputation on the line. They receive 80 cents on the dollar, motivating them to do a good job, unlike the $20 dollar an hour employee working for someone else.

If a consumer does not approve the work done, they will start the claim process. This starts by filling out a form detailing the nature of the problem. In addition, the consumer will receive a phone call from our arbitration department and an arbitration representative will be sent out to investigate the issue. If the contractor can not correct the problem and the consumer does not wish for us to have another contractor finish, the funds will be refunded to the consumer.

Consumers should call and explain the problem to our sales representative who will walk them through the online process. If the consumer has a project that is not on our listing but is available from one of our contractors, we will create a new listing on the spot. The representative will inform the consumer of the price and the available start times. The service will be ordered over the phone including payment processed.

They have access to the region's master list which provides all services, prices and times of each contractor who can do the work. The sales rep will use this master list to create a temporary service listing and book the job directly on the contractor's work calendar.

Our advanced payment processing system allows the consumer and contractor to negotiate additional tasks or add a tip. A separate transaction is made and the payment will be instantly processed. As for jobs that cost less to complete, the contractor will refund a portion of the proceeds to the client.

Contractors can easily reschedule their next job to extend the amount of time needed to complete the current project. Our goal, with this system, is to have the contractor at the consumer's home within a reasonable arrival window.

We are not training people to be general contractors. We are training people to do a series of very specific small jobs. Students also have the opportunity to learn what they enjoy. An instructor can teach someone interested in basic electrical work everything they need to know about replacing a ceiling fan in five jobs, or two days' worth of focused on-the-job training. In the process, they will also learn a tremendous amount about electrical work in general, so replacing light fixtures, changing ballast, and fixing faulty outlets/switches could be taught in 2 on-the-job lessons. Most importantly, our staff and technology runs the contractor’s entire business. We take care of everything, so all the contractor need to do is create the listings and when a customer orders their service they are on time and do a good job.

What we are offering contractors is unprecedented. We can automatically turn your passion into a successful business. Do exactly what you want to do and charge whatever you want for it. All we require is you show up on time and do a good job. In exchange for this, we supply you with jobs, manage your schedule and ensure you get paid. Keep 80% of every dollar earned. Make $100k a year as a business owner doing what you love!

What we're offering students is also unprecedented. We provide FREE training and pay students as they learn. They will get paid to learn the skills they love and then our technology instantly turns those skills into a successful business.

Imagine if all of your home services needs were only a few clicks away! With the amount of success we have seen over the last few years through up-and-coming delivery programs such as Door Dash, Postmates, Instacart and more, Hometown Workforce simply just…makes sense!

The training program works like a modern computer game. But instead of playing an imaginary character, the student is the character. Students choose one of the possible 39 trades available in their area and then must complete a series of progressively harder daily objectives until they graduate with an LLC. Talented individuals can complete the program in as little as a few days, whereas others could take up to 2 months. There are two types of mandatory daily objectives. One is working on-site with an instructor performing jobs specific to the student's career path. Second is helping graduate contractors complete their jobs. The purpose of this is to help each other succeed as well as train students before they are allowed to create listings on our marketplace. Also available to the contractors in optional side quests. Group activities like volunteering for Habitat for Humanity or attending a professional development seminar. Every accomplishment has an Achievement and Experience Points associated with it which shows up on the contractor's public profile. This provides consumers with a transparent look into the contractor's background.

A majority of the training takes place on the job (OTJ). Meaning these are paying jobs. Instructors either create service listings to meet the student's needs or they offer discounts on existing listings to encourage orders. Another profitable measure is workforce development grants which reimburse our instructors for every hour they are teaching. You can imagine how profitable a construction company would be if its main contractors worked for free.

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1. Easy enrollment.

2. Start making money the first day.

3. Choose from 1 of 14 exciting professions.

4. Get certified in your desired profession.

5. Apprenticeship programs are available.

6. Easily move between professions to diversify your skill set.

7. Become an expert in over 200 trade skills.

8. Receive a clear roadmap to your dream career.

9. Unlimited money making potential doing what you love.

10. We can accommodate virtually any hands-on skill you can imagine.

11. Make money selling those new skills on our marketplace.

12. Start a company with like-minded students.

13. Take advantage of incredible tax benefits with a registered LLC.

14. Learn from master instructors

15. Receive access to world-class mindset training.

You will be an employee of Hometown Workforce until you create your own service listings. Each week you will receive a check from the Workforce payroll department. After you develop your own listings, you will be paid as a 1099 subcontractor.

As a student, you will learn virtually any hands-on skill you desire. 90% of your training is done on the job. Our core strategy is to fast-track you into the career of your dream. The amount of money you make is based on your level of ambition and the trade skills you choose to offer the community.

Then you are in luck. For an additional 10% service fee, a dedicated account manager will take care of everything, including the hassle of taxes and administration. We will even help match you with student workers specific to your field. It's the ultimate motivation to start your own business.

A major part of the Workforce umbrella is giving our service providers access to benefits generally reserved for employees of larger companies.

1. Affordable bookkeeping and tax services.

2. Affordable family health, life, dental, and vision care.

3. Affordable insurance and bonding plans.

4. Retirement accounts with access to our stock options pool.

5. Wholesale access to tools and supplies.

6. After graduating, work as much or as little as you prefer.

7. Unrivaled educational opportunities.

We encourage all our students to strive for an LLC or sole proprietor. The tax advantages alone are worth the commitment. However, if you're still interested in being part of something big, we welcome you aboard. Who knows? You may change your mind and decide to turn your training into a career.

If you're hands on then Cardinal Training is designed specifically for you. Learn virtually any trade skill you want in as short a time as possible with exclusive on-site training. No other training center has direct access to the vast array of industry-specific work that we offer. Imagine the training potential to your instructor creating listings specific to the skills you need to develop.

Hometown Workforce is here to help you every step of the way. If you're serious about a career and committed to bringing value to yourself and your community; we are here for you.

Each student is paid minimum wage until they learn a skill to list on the marketplace. Most students will be able to create their own listings in the first month. Ambitious students that are mechanically inclined can start creating custom listings the second week. Of course, there are restrictions that apply until you receive your LLC and graduate from the program.

What makes Hometown Workforce truly remarkable is that we pay you to be a student! Consequently, you will be paid minimum wage while you work on your career goals. The school is connected to the Wfskills marketplace, therefore your training facilitates jobs that are placed there.

Definitely. Every student will receive world class motivational training. This is the same exact training that led our founders to the creation of Hometown Workforce. Mindset training is the true secret of lasting success and happiness!